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Expire, London. 15.02.14

Last night was fun


Expire, London. 15.02.14

Last night was fun

Anonymous asked: why are men such whores yet put women down for even minimally expressing their sexuality, serious question


We get a pretty wide age range of people asking questions on this page, and that’s cool. So don’t think I’m judging you when I say this:

You’re still in your teens, correct?

I don’t know if I’m supposed to reveal this next bit, or if it’s something people are supposed to learn on their own. But I’m just gonna go for it and hope it works out.

Why does bad thing happen? Because people are bad. 

Not because of the media. Media is just a reflection of the incredibly normal people creating it. Not because we chose to be farmers over hunters/gatherers and eventually built cities that aggravate the negative instincts of a social animal. That happened because it couldn’t not happen. Not because the devil motivates us or god isn’t looking. That’s not worth commenting on. 

Etc. Etc. 

It happens because humankind is motivated by insecurity and greed. And will always be so. The arrow could have hit nowhere else. 

This isn’t some Marilyn Manson fan angst. I’m not judging anyone or sitting in a dark room thinking about how ‘fucked up the world is, man.’ I’m just sparing you the time you might devote to wondering why something is ugly. 

It’s ugly because people do it. 

Men hate women. They want to control them. They feel insecure when they can’t control them so they act out like little monsters. And the righteous white knight is usually the one who harbors the darkest vitriol. 

At a certain age, with a certain level of experience, men let go of most of their hate. At this juncture in my life, I would favor an experienced partner over one who has not expressed herself sexually. Most of my peers feel the same way. 

So, my advice is to ignore weaklings and date old creeps. 


Scotland | 2013/14

Getting film developed that’s been lying around for so long you’ve forgotten what the photos are, definitely one of my favourite things